so dope to have met and hosted levi! it was cool to watch him reminisce about his days as a kid growing up in Tucson: he told us that his babysitter carried him on her shoulders and walked through waist-high water down in the speedway underpass (he still can't remember why she actually did that), we took him by what used to be a convenience store where he stole a pen at age 5 (guilt ate away at him, he told his mom and they ended up returning the pen), we drove through winterhaven neighborhood and found the house he grew up in (crazy stories ensued about drinking gasoline, misplacing his brother, being chased by dobermans and having dreams of floating through his house at night just to get some tea and floating right back to his room).
the speaking engagement + meet&greet were super personable / genuine / inspiring to say the least!
levi's got an interesting perspective on just about everything, one that's unique and intuitive, one that more people should "emulate" - my favorite bullet point that he touched on is: "wishing anyone anything but the best is a waste of energy!"
bringing him to town was an idea that came to me one day while working and i figured, if the expense was reasonable, i'd definitely make it happen! he brought one of his interns, john liwag, with him; john does PR / advertising / design work for a handful of official movements and also has his own online publication (hard copies are in the works) called CRFTY. keep an eye out for john!
...man can they eat, we knocked down both 5guys and eegees before even getting them checked into their hotel. after the event, we hit frog&firkin where levi and john both inhaled smokehouse burgers. (they said their beds were way comfy but the pillows ...not so much. fyi. marriot on campus). they're both morning people so we had a nice, quiet breakfast downtown at the cup cafe at hotel congress.
the 17hours with those two flew by but we definitely enjoyed their company!
...they'll be landing in Los Angeles in about 20mins.

until next time guys!


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