1.       Name/age – Chancellor Carter / 31
2.      based out of (city) - Fairfax VA ( 20 mins west of DC )
3.       school – West Virginia University and Full Sail Real World Education
4.      work – Medical Laboratory Sales Executive
5.      projects  - My newest project is writing with theD2life.com on their blog. Check them out!
6.      when did you start chancellor-carter.blogspot.com? what were your initial / start-up motivations for the site/blog? what are they now?
March 2010 – So I’m pretty new to the blog world. The Blog basically just started off with me posting stuff I liked or wanted to buy. Then when I started getting friends and friends of friends asking about it, I was like cool people are actually enjoying this site. I had no idea that it would get the hits it does. Either way I do it for fun and other people’s enjoyment. 
7.       what would you say you pride your site in? diversity? staying current or ahead? primarily a car focus? – Cars and Fashion are the main focus for the Blog.  I enjoy all makes and models of cars but for the site it is mostly about having an extremely clean ride, proper wheel fitment, or just going low.  As for fashion I love street style and sneakers but you also have to know how to dress in a suit. I just like to keep the blog fresh and up-to-date on things that spark my interest. You will also find lots of new music, watches, shoes, art, gadgets etc.....
8.      I respect the fact that you're a part / involved with what you post and think its dope that you own car is in your banner image, specs on the GS? – I appreciate that! You have to be involved with what you post or it’s just a bunch of pictures on a webpage. I’ve been apart of the East Coast car scene and modifying cars for 15 years. I roll to lots of  meets/ shows on the east coast, but mostly in the DMV. I scooped up my 07 GS350 two years ago and it is still a work in progress.
-2007 Lexus GS350 RWD
-20" D2Forged VS7 - BBC Finish - Brushed/Face - Polished/Windows - Chrome/lip
-Tein Comfort Sport Coilovers
-Junction Produce Front Lip
-Auto-Couture Rear Lip
-6k DRL's and 6k Fogs
-JDM visors
-Tanabe Medalion Dual Exhaust
-K&N Intake
-Kicker 12 competition with 400 watt amp
-wanting to do UAS Air and LX-MODE grill goes on next week

10.  future plans (relative to the site)? – Just more of the same man. No crazy plans as of now. Maybe set up my own webpage and try that out. I’m in no rush though. I’d also like to work with some other people on some project including yourself.

11. how's the feedback been? do you have a solid following? – Feedback has been really good; people are enjoying what they see. All my friends and people I don’t even know show lots of love.

12. any shout outs?
-My Family, Fiancé, and Friends

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